Shanghai International Leather Exhibition


We welcome you to participate in the leather fair 

Shanghai Yucheng Leather Co., Ltd. will participate in this year’s China Leather Exhibition , will show you all kinds of leather material

China International Leather Exhibition (ACLE, also known as Shanghai Leather Exhibition) is the only international-level exhibition in China. It has always been hailed as a grand event  . It is also the focus of the global leather industry. Since its inception in 1998, the Leather Fair has welcomed tens of thousands of buyers each year from major Chinese provinces . manufacture leather and produce footwear and leather products.

At present, China’s leather industry is the focus of the world. Together with China’s neighboring countries, such as Vietnam and Indonesia, it is the region that drives growth. Therefore, China Leather Fair has become the world’s fastest growing leather fair. China’s leather industry leads the world in number:

China is the country with the highest output of finished leather in the world, and has a huge demand for raw materials, leather chemicals and leather machinery.

China is the world’s largest exporter of footwear, accounting for 40% of the world’s total, so the demand for finished leather and shoe machine and shoe materials also ranks first in the world.

China’s world’s No. 1 auto producer, accounting for 30% of the global total, has a huge demand for automotive leather and automotive interiors.

Organized by the China Leather Association, the official organization of the most important leather producing countries, in conjunction with the Asia Pacific Leather Fair, the status has been affirmed

China International Leather Exhibition is the trade show for the upper reaches of the leather industry, that is, the leather industry. It is the best choice for raw materials, semi-finished leather, leather chemical raw materials and leather machinery. Domestic tanners use this platform to negotiate business and import. Raw materials, complete processing, and export or supply finished leather to domestic manufacturers to make finished products.


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